Vintage French Postcards Lampshades



Size (Diameter
The timeless classic for those guys and girls who love reading, writing or daydreaming about a time when handwritten postcards were an everyday norm.

Looks great on your desk with a vintage little lampstand, perfect for the study, or a bedroom. Or for a more contemporary feel, try the large 20" diameter ceiling shade with matching diffuser for an eye catching feature in your lounge.

Looks right at home on lampstands big and small, old and new. Or as a pendant shade it makes a great focal point!


Diffusers are an optional extra for ceiling shades only. They basically form a base for the shade, matching the design for a really smart finish. It prevents excess glare from the lightbulb creating the prefect mood lighting.

If you purchase one with your order, we will automatically upgrade your shade to 11" deep preventing the bulb from touching the diffuser.


Handmade in the UK from a fire safe laminate of PVC and paper, and finished off inside with a cotton tape for a seamless finish.

Sizes Available

8"/20cm Diameter - 8"/20cm Depth

12"/30cm Diameter - 8"/20cm Depth

16cm/40cm Diameter - 8"/20cm Depth

20cm/50cm Diameter - 11"/27cm Depth

All our shades are available with extra depth making them 11"/27cm deep. Just choose the 'Extra Depth' option when buying your shade.

Fitting Dimensions

We supply all our shades with a small adaptor so they will attach to both the smaller size UK fittings (1.1"/25mm) and the larger European fittings(1.7"/45mm).

If you had different dimensions in mind or are unsure if the shade will fit, please feel free to contact us with your specifications and we will see what we can do to accommodate your requirements.
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